May 18, 2017

Who is this adorable couple? Well, I’m a little biased but it’s my daughter (Meghan) and her husband (Casey) .. if you feis in the New England area, you may be seeing a lot more of them. They have started vending for me when I double book myself as a vendor in other feiseanna… and I couldn’t be happier.

Meg has been vending with me since 1992 (sometimes willingly, sometimes not …sometimes she fell asleep under the table 😉) and yes, she was just a kid so I paid her in headbands and earrings. Casey’s first “feis” was an Oireachtas in philly.. He didn’t run screaming from the building so I thought he had potential.. I knew he’d be part of the family when he asked me “are they clear or AB crystals?” … ya gotta love a guy who knows his crystals!

Meg and Casey will be running my table at the Murray Academy feis .. please stop by and say hello.. tell them I said they are doing a great job😘

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