About Us

Hi! My name is Jeanne Farrell and I’m addicted to sparkly things!

I have been creating and selling accessories for Irish Step Dancers for over 25 years. I am an authorized retailer of Camelia Rose wigs, and specialize in accessories to meet all of your dancer’s needs. I offer everything from wigs, headbands, and crystal tiaras to number clips, sock glue, and bobby pins; and all that sparkles in between!


What started out as a basket of extra scrunchies at my daughters’ Feis has evolved into three trailers filled with bling, a vendor table in multiple regions every weekend, a ton of traveling, and enough priceless stories to write a series of novels. Maybe someday…

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For school orders, questions, special requests, and other inquiries you can reach Jeanne via email at Jeanne@hftw.co.